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    Breakfast at 600ft

    by  • January 14, 2014 • Breakfast, Central London, Simon Eats • 2 Comments

    London at sunrise

    Things are (hopefully) going to change this year. I ended 2013 very stressed and tired, I’d barely stopped in the previous three months and was ready for a break. A combination of factors had meant I had also neglected the blog for much of the last six months.

    Tommi’s Burger Joint

    by  • August 10, 2013 • burgers, Central London, Meat, Simon Eats • 0 Comments

    Tommi's Burger Joint

    I have to confess that Tommi’s Burger Joint wasn’t my first choice. When a group of us decided to go out for burgers my first thought was to go to Patty and Bun, but as none of us were really in the queueing mood (and on a Friday night Patty and Bun would definitely have a queue), so we decided to go to Tommi’s which had reopened earlier in the week. (more…)