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    Tommi’s Burger Joint

    by  • August 10, 2013 • burgers, Central London, Meat, Simon Eats • 0 Comments

    Tommi's Burger Joint

    I have to confess that Tommi’s Burger Joint wasn’t my first choice. When a group of us decided to go out for burgers my first thought was to go to Patty and Bun, but as none of us were really in the queueing mood (and on a Friday night Patty and Bun would definitely have a queue), so we decided to go to Tommi’s which had reopened earlier in the week. (more…)

    First look at Jamie Oliver’s Doghouse

    by  • May 13, 2013 • American, Central London, Meat, Simon Eats • 6 Comments

    Jamie Oliver's Doghouse

    Jamie Oliver is at it again and he’s opened up his latest concept “Jamie Oliver’s Doghouse” at the bottom of Shaftesbury Avenue by Piccadilly Circus. The Doghouse which opened a couple of days ago is part of the larger Diner that Oliver has opened on the same site with Arthur Potts Dawson. It’s apparently going to take a very sustainable approach to the entire restaurant with no left over food being wasted and thrown away, and plenty of locally sourced ingredients. Technically the place is being described as a pop-up, but given the three years its expected to last I think that might be stretching the definition a little bit. (more…)

    Pitt Cue’s Triumphant Return

    by  • June 13, 2012 • American, Central London, Meat • 0 Comments

    Pitt Cue Trailer

    Without doubt my favourite food from last year was the Pitt Cue Co trailer under Hungerford Bridge. Their pulled pork was fantastic and was always worth the visit. But unfortunately the trailer was only open for the summer, so almost as soon as it arrived it disappeared. But good news for all of London’s meat lovers, Pitt Cue is back and better than ever! (more…)

    Meat Market

    by  • May 5, 2012 • American, burgers, Central London, Former Street Food, Meat • 2 Comments

    Meat Market

    If you’ve ever been to Jubilee Market in Covent Garden you know exactly what it’s like – a crowded tourist trap full of tacky souvenirs – and why it’s normally somewhere to avoid (unless of course a melted bottle ornament is you’re sort of thing). Well now with the opening of Meat Market there’s finally one very good reason to visit. And if you head round the back of the market and find the entrance on Tavistock Street you should be able to avoid the tourist hordes!